My career so far

My technical expertise includes a number of backend programming languages such as PHP, Elixir and Node.js. I also have extensive experience with technologies and frameworks such as Express.js, Hapi, RabbitMQ, MySQL, ElasticSearch, CouchDB, TimescaleDB, and TYPO3, especially in relation to microservices.

I have also been able to get to know a few frameworks in the field of frontend development, including React, Angular, Svelte and Vue.js / Nuxt.js. The last one is currently primarily used.

My preferred tools for my daily work include Docker, Git and Vim. My workflow is complemented by the use of Jenkins or Github Actions, paired with my favorite test suite Cypress.

With this in-depth know-how, I am in a position to implement a wide range of projects - from simple websites, to progressive web apps, to hybrid iOS and Android apps.

My skills

Based on my previous experiences, activities of the last years and personal preferences, I position myself as a full stack developer in the areas of architecture, backend, frontend, devops and testing as follows.