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Every now and then I write about topics that concern me or my work. Here is an overview of all articles I have published so far.

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Discover the benefits of passwordless authentication, which uses alternative methods like One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and Magic Links to enhance user experience and security. Learn how to implement a passwordless login system with Node.js and Express.

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Node.js Security Software Development

Why AI should not be seen as a job killer, but as a job enhancer. My thoughts and experiences on current developments.

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AI / KI Software Development

What is Content Security Policy (CSP) and how can it be used to protect web applications?

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Best Practice Security

The potential dangers of excessive dependence on SaaS and PaaS infrastructures. My thoughts and observations on current developments.

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DevOps Software Development

What is Clean Code and how can you write it? What are the benefits of Clean Code and how can you establish it in your team? 10 principles every developer should know.

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Software Development

How has frontend development evolved over the past few years and what impact does that have on complexity and time?

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Software Development

What is technical debt in software development and how to detect and avoid it early.

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Software Development

Boost the performance of your web application with the help of web workers. What exactly are web workers and how can they help to improve performance?

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JavaScript Performance

An efficient and secure way to clone objects in JavaScript. What advantage does structuredClone offer over widely used methods like JSON.parse / stringify or the spread operator?

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What is the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV) and how can you make your web application barrier-free?

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Best Practice Software Development

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)? What types of XSS are there and how can you protect your web application from it?

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Security Software Development

What are CSRF tokens and how do they protect your web application?

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Best Practice Security Software Development